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Over 8 billion digital voice assistants are expected to be in use by 2023. The growing presence of AI-powered everything in our personal lives is quickly creating an enormous population of people who are not only comfortable using voice to operate technology but prefer it. 

We always had plans to automate and productise our skills and service design consultancy services with a tech platform.  It was going to be called (InvntR)  This was going to help scale our services to many more people.   When COVID19 pandemic hit and millions of UK citizens and key workers suddenly faced hardship, safety, health & housing issues creating a tsunami of demand for social service support. We knew we had to do something to help and the ‘InvntR' platform concept evolved and accelerated into City-Zen AI. 

What are the three most important ethical or human rights issues raised by AI?
∑         Which current approaches, methods, or tools are being used to address these issues?
∑         What are the pros, cons & unintended outcomes of current approaches, methods, or tools?


Now we are working hard to develop something empathic secure and ethical to help councils and 'CCGs' increase their  'response-ability' and predictive powers so they can meet the public’s social and health service demands in this crisis and when we start to recover. 

Other Heroworx projects include


  • Tech_EquityMcr - A Greater Manchester women in tech initiative in collaboration with Tech Manchester and The Africa Pot to take women from no-tech to qualified junior Linux admins with self-belief, project management and design skills. 

  • MSc Data Science and Entrepreneurship - University of Chester and Institute of Coding - We are on the board designing a new conversion degree to encourage empower and educate women to lead start-ups and careers underpinned by Data and AI. 

  • Passionate Volunteers at TechMcr Mentor & GM4Women

  • Our founder Natalie Jameson has also co-written three Amazon Best Sellers which share the common theme Decoding Digital Disruption with Diversity-Led Innovation.


BIG (BUT POLITE) ASK - We are PROUD to support all the SGDs but especially SDG #5 Gender Equality and SDG#9 Sustainable Industrialisation and Innovation. If you've not already...

  • at least make yourself aware of the UN Global Goals, 

  • at best align to purpose and work towards these goals for humanities sake.


Get in touch! If we can't help you personally, we  will know who can and will introduce you.

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Founder - I believe the answers to addressing global issues such as health & social inequalities, poverty, homelessness and climate change lie in each municipalities ability to understand and prioritise responses to the most urgent and ongoing and unmet needs of it's most vulnerable and underrepresented citizens. 

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Data Scientist and Storyteller