Our Vision is that smart sustainable cities across the world are happy, safe & inclusive places. And local government priorities have been set based upon its citizen's needs and protecting its most vulnerable.


City-Zen AI is a Citizen-Centred Insights & Innovation Smart City Platform by the Heroworx Group Limited, launched from The Landing tech hub, Salford, Greater Manchester.

City-Zen AI is a citizen and key worker feedback platform for local authorities that uses the latest AI/ Machine Learning Model/ Natural Language Processing technology to capture, convert and contextualise real-time citizen and key worker natural language text and voice feedback into insight and predictive analytics.


City-Zen AI will enhance & save lives by helping Councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to instantly respond to realtime citizen and key worker urgent and important issues.


Instead of wondering which one of the many places you need to go for help, it's just one place that you can escalate an urgent need for assistance. Regardless of whether it's a financial hardship, medical, mental health, housing, unemployment, parenting problems, hunger, or need for protective clothing if you are a carer. Maybe your bins weren't collected, whatever it is it will automatically get funnelled to the right person and department to help you.


Before COVID19 national and local systems were already creaking at the seams. This gives Council's and CCG's exponential capacity to deal with citizen's issues by effectively replacing large pools of repetitive & laborious tasks freeing them to focus on executing the caring and strategic thinking needed to deal with complex human intersectional problems.



When we recover from Covid19 there will be a lot of people needing additional support. Particularly in our urban areas of high deprivation. We have to respond to these urgent needs and requests for assistance, prioritising, predicting & personalising the delivery of support services and to make sure our citizens have a say in co-designing future vital public services. 


This type of technology places the issues that we care about in our own neighbourhoods at the heart of urban city public service design decision making.