Meet Alma 'Alexa' for social housing 
Alma is a voice-AI virtual assistant that helps charities, social landlords & councils to support tenants, stretch 
resources & slices red tape in the fight against
homelessness bad housing.
BETA due
Q1 2021


CityZen AI is developing two SaaS services: 

  • Alma a racially & regionally intelligent AI-enabled Housing1st Voice-Bot  &

  • CityZen Platform- Turn Alma insights into citizen-driven to housing & community services. 

Alma gives hardworking housing & homelessness 

caseworkers & helpdesk teams superhuman service-ability


Raising the life chances, voices & choices of citizens with urgent housing needs.



The problem is the top 5 'off the shelf' voice interfaces being adapted & deployed by consultants could ​increase housing disadvantage for those most in need due to.

  • limited housing domain expertise

  • USA training data sets

  • misidentification diverse racial or regional speech patterns.



Voice as a helpline interface, 

  • stretches resources further

  • simplifies compliance &

  • increases customer service capacity. 

  • slashes red tape & compliance

All while generating vast amounts of conversational data to convert into service innovation, insights & tenent engagement.

Alma has a 4point masterplan to give social landlord's, charities & councils super-human abilities to sustain tenancies, save & stretch resources, simplify compliance & socially impact lives & communities.


Automate citizen contact, complaints & compliance.


Liberate insight, voices & choices of diverse citizens. 


Mobilise citizen participation &



Advance tenant education & enterprise skills

But there's a catch

Using 'off the shelf technology' could increase housing disadvantage for our most vulnerable including those with protected characteristics. Without due consideration and review employing digital services by default could contradict human rights & equality laws, Tenant Involvement Empowerment & Complaints Standards. 

Technology can help

There is no denying that digital technology and AI can save money, simplify compliance & free experienced 

culturally-competent human caseworkers to spend more time helping citizens with multiple disadvantages. 

Rising provider problems 

Hardworking, dispersed caseworkers & community development teams are striving to engage, involve &

support large diverse communities to improve their life chances & sustain decent, stable homes in safe, cohesive neighbourhoods against a lack of resources & rising rules.  

Wait ...there is another way.

 lma The 'Housing 1st' AI-enabled Platform 

Your Mission
Social landlords support 17% (c4m ) of UK families with affordable rents, repairs, stable tenures as well
employment, welfare, advice and support to live happier, more settled lives.
Research proves providing sustainable employment opportunities for social housing residents help residents sustain their own tenancies, whilst making a crucial contribution to cutting the welfare bill.
Hardworking housing providers/ advisors are supporting increasingly diverse customers and communities against mounting cash concerns, governance and dispersed distressed teams with multiple disadvantages.  No easy job. 
Our Mission

To increase housing security for people with protected characteristics by supporting social landlords 

save resources | support tenants | sustain tenancies.

A.L.M.A. is co-created with tenants,  housing providers /advisors and homelessness survivors at the apex of humanity-centred design, data science and diversity & inclusion to increase equity, education, employment and engagement for social housing tenants.

A.L.M.A. is being trained to master social housing and homelessness specific domain knowledge, skills and abilities to build better housing services & create positive change:

  1. Overcome any systemic or structural bigotry, bias and barriers by analysing and acting on D&I Data.

  2. Save resources whilst improving governance and compliance with Tenant Involvement & Empowerment & Complaints Standards

  3. Automate allocation & upkeep processes whilst maximising Safety, Sustainability & Fairness 

  4. Help people with accessible advice & signposting towards holistic Housing and empowerment resources,  


We are a diverse team of technologists & humanity-centred designers who come from the communities most affected by bias & barriers to equity. 

Our Team
Our Story
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About Us

AI is for the sum of us not just some of us

Call for further information. on 07872569324 Or even better join a round table of co-creators alongside CityZen AI social housing providers and homeless charities to help make social housing AI work for the sum of us not just some of us.

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